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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Time will tell

I am a gossip junkie. i have my favorite sites where i read, laugh and generally shake my head at the total and utter self-destruction celebrities and 'faux' celebrites create for themselves. Then i always ask myself, its this really important in the scheme of things? are they finding a cure for cancer? are they saving the planet? okay, so.. why am i reading this? truth be told, i read this stuff for several reasons.

first, why is it that those who truly have everything, money, fame and looks, can be absolutely so self-destructive? i mean really, your job is to stand in front of a camera and pretend to be anything you are told to be. how hard is that? are you really paying to eat at that restuarant? i hardly doubt it? they are comping your meal so you are photographed coming out so others will want to come in. That dress you are wearing? free. why? because the designer who wears it gave it to you for free with the hope that someone who sees you in in will want one and they will pay for the priviledge. wow. what are hard life.

second. is it really that difficult for people to tell you no? I mean, wearing Uggs in the middle of the summer with shorts. that's so not a fashion statement. your stylist should be shot for letting you walk out the house like that. why in the world do you think that dress is NOT that short? we can see what your gyn sees when you are on the table. that's so not cute especially at your age. put some damn panties on.

third. hollywood can't be that small where everyone has to sleep with everyones husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend. really. expand your horizons. find a nice businessman in nyc or san francisco, texas, miami, boston, atlanta. move out of the LA/HOLLYWOOD area. come to town only when you are filming/promoting a project. otherwise, live a REGULAR life.

fourth. stop thinking recreational drugs are the not the cause of your problems. drugs kill. period. you are deluding yourself if you really think no one knows you like to do blow. or meth. or heroin. we know. Ms. Johnson in El Paso, Tx knows what a crackhead looks like. Middle American isn't stupid. we saw you on Letterman/Leno/Oprah/Entertainment Tonight. your fan base shrinks everytime something goes into your nose or your veins. And yes, we all think its a damn shame you are wasting your talents but we also realize until YOU realize you are wasting your talents, your legal guardian, your business manager, your professional manager, your parasitic boyfriend/husband/significant other, your hangers on and your starry eyed family members will continue to drain you bone dry.

Now, like everyone, i love a good redemption story. Unfortunately, there's not many right nowon my regular gossip sites. i'm guessing now i may have to move back to playing spider solitarie for my fix.

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