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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

dating blues

It is a fact of life. Sometimes you have just days. I'm hoping that i'm at the end of my bad date moments. In the past few months, I've had some seriously funny dating experiences. okay. some of them just weren't that funny. however, i'm trying to be open minded. Honestly, i should be. A few weeks ago, I hung out with a guy that would make your mouth water. He was tall, dark chocolate. did i mention dark chocolate? body like, oh my god. voice. a voice that could make the heaven's sing. Intelligent. funny. swagger. i'm like, alrighty then. I'm in. . He's in town for an event. So i visit him at his hotel room. He offers me a drink. i decline. i'm driving I say. We watch some event on TV. I'm not really paying attention. I'm drinking him all in. We talk. He's smiling and laughing. good signs i'm thinking. he wants me to curl up next to him. who the hell am i to argue? we cuddle. we kiss, we make out. i'm like all systems a go. Then it happens, or rather nothing happens. I mean IT doesn't work. I am like, huh? are you kidding me? please dear lord, don't do this to me. NOT NOW. I do what any self-respecting women in that situation would do. I tell him its okay, we can cuddle. I'm pissed. I mean, i'm feeling absolutely duped at this point. What kind of bait and switch is this??? Uh naw. I want my money back. Wait, I didn't pay any money. Yes I did. I put gas in my car. I drove over here. That was money. This man is going to give me my money back. He must have read my mind because he decides that he'll 'make' up to me. He goes down there. He might not have wanted to do that. Someone help me. I haven't been that disappointed since I was 6 year old and found out the Easter Bunny wasn't real. There was no absolutely reason for any of what happen to occur. We chatted for a bit. He fell asleep. I decided then and there that there was absolutely NO reason for me to stay. I got up, got dressed and left. I did kiss him on the forehead and said have a safe trip home. he mumbled something incoherent and flopped his head about on the pillow. I walked to the elevator thinking, okay, really, where's the camera, cause this had to be a bad joke. Then i look at my phone. i have a text message from another tall chocolate brotha asking me to come to his place. He also text directions. I have to drive past his house to get home. I never went. I was so disgusted by the first chocolate man, I drove straight home and pulled the covers over my head.

i'm not going out on another date, at least until another 6'3 chocolate brother calls me up.