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Monday, May 24, 2010


I keep telling myself that i shouldn't watch the news. or read the news online. or stand next to someone reading the news on their phone. unfortunately, its the nature of the business i'm in. i have to 'know' what is going on. the problem is, for the most part. i have no desire to even raise my head off the pillow. i have read so much just flat out bullshit in the past 30 days, i really thought i would throw my laptop out the window. The final slide was reading how al sharpton was going to detroit to euligize a 7 yr old girl who was killed during a police raid. Now, not 10 days before, a police officer was killed and 4 other wounded when they answered a call about someone possibly breaking into a home. Where was good ole' al then? it didn't even register on his 'alert meter'. This officer left behind a wife and 10 year old son. The reason for the ill-fated raid? A 17 yr old boy was shot on a street by a 30something who decided that the boy had 'looked' at him funny. The raid was to capture the suspect. The police did. he was upstair of the duplex, the little girl was shot in the downstair apartment. Oh, and after it was all said and done, her father hired a high-powered Geoffrey Fieger (who doesnt know a camera or court he doesnt like) to 'represent him' and find the truth. The only thing Mr. Fieger is going to find is 40% attorney's fees. Truth is relative. I'm still waiting for someone to explain the two stolen cars in the backyard that had been, by all accounts, there for some time. But of course, Mr. Feiger's clients had absolutely nothing to do with that. They walked in and out and all about the house and had no idea the cars in the backyard were stolen or better yet, a suspected murdered lived above them.

Lest I not forget Kwame Kilpatrick. The hip-hop mayor. who could fuck everyone but his wife. this guy traveled to a MLK day speech paid for by a North Carolina city to speak on King's legacy and this clown brought some woman (not his wife or his chief of staff mistress) to the event. That wouldn't have been so bad if the sponsors weren't told they were paying for her too. and that included the 'couples massage' at the resort that he tried to have the sponsors pay. oh yea, and she signed her name "carol slowski"

tomorrow kwame is looking at a possible prison sentence for probation violation. this clown only has to pay the city $1 million dollars in restitution. he's making $120 thousand as a computer salesman for a company owned by one of his supporters. and living in a mansion and his wife had a $15 thousand dollar tummy tuck, driving Escalades, buying $600 shoes. According to his attorney, he 'has' to live this lifestyle in order to convinence potential customers that he's 'on their level'.  His attorney must think i'm an idiot. really. This guy fucked around on his wife so much, i'm several states away and I knew his business (through friends and family living in detroit) It was an open secret that he was sleeping with women other than his wife, no one knew he was also sleeping with his chief of staff. now that was a suprise. mostly because she makes creulla devilla look like a vestal virgin. This is the same woman who, when pulled over by 2 detroit police officers screamed "do you know who the fuck i am? they didn't. she called the police chief on the phone and basically thought she would castrate them for doing their job. which didn't including pulling her over on her way to her mayoral booty call. fate gave the officers an upper hand. they sued the city and won $25,000.

now when the mayor and his ex-mistress start talking about how they want to 'live' and she can't find a job and support her 2 daughters, i think to myself. when you knuckleheads were jumping around hotel rooms and sexing on the city dime, you didn't give a damn about your kids or you spouses. or the city. the text messages make it quite clear, christine was a love-sick, neauseating, jumpoff who couldn't read between the lines that her position wasn't going to change. kwame who isn't the most attractive man in the world, must has abilities i dont know about, cause there is no way he'd be touching me, but i digress. what makes me sad is seeing whole neighborhoods just collapsing. a block now consist of 5 families, if that many, living on a street. teachers having to open accounts at kinkos because the school won't allow them to use the copy machine and everyone is blaming them for their child not being able to read.

i see the arrogance of those who honestly believe and uphold the greed is good, as long as you can't see me, which of course we can. many who probably would be good politicians just dont have the stomach for the job or people just wont vote them in because that's too much like right. who wants to hear that no, we aren't going to spend $5,000 dollars on mailing to say we are here for you. No, we aren't going to spend $12,000 on a trip to Portland, ME to see how to improve our communciation skills within our office staff.

i want to read the news again and not have to honestly re-read every other paragraph and say, WTF, WTF. can they really think i'm that damn stupid?

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