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Sunday, January 2, 2011

FUCK 2010

Yep, I said it. Fuck 2010.
Thank god its over. towards the end there, i was like, oh this is some damn bullshit. let's review shall we.

boyfriend couldn't see me on NYE 2010 because he had to work. oh, but he could drive to his uncle's house and hang with family. and bought tickets to a football game for his christmas present. again, "work" issues. spent my damn $100+ on a team i didn't even like. WTF

My job. oh let's not even go there.

my friends. nothing like your friends suggesting you can't pick em.

boyfriend calls with news that will make me say WTF about 10 times in 8 minutes and then dump him.

booty-call guy falls asleep during sex

find out my job didn't withhold enough taxes, so now state and feds are hunting me down like a runaway slave.

student loan people think i can pay them $1900 per month. at this rate, my great-great nieces and nephews will be paying my student loans off.

between my relatives, friends and acquaintances, 14 women around me having given birth or are currently pregnant since December 2009. i have spend more money buying baby stuff and going to showers than i care to admit.

my GYN ask me when i'm going to have a baby.

my dating life reminds me of bad episodes of Seinfeld.

i switched gyms and stopped going. WTF. when i was going almost daily, i actually lost inches (and a few pounds).

i have writer's block BADLY

every other damn celebrities's either having a baby, getting married or getting divorced. and they want me to fucking care. (okay, i care about Sandra Bullock. This was just some triflin shit Jesse James did. I would have had to divorce his ass too behind those shanks he was sleeping with. There's public humiliation and then there's OH FUCK NO humiliation)

teena marie died. now i'm feeling old as hell and nostalgic for my lost youth

i did not get to Vegas. or Hedo or even the mountain. my trip to Atlantic City WILL NOT be discussed EVER. That's a "do-over" situation.

i spend NYE 2009 and NYE 2010 on the same spot on the couch.

FUCK 2010  

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